Jane Ruckert the Gurdy Girl
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My new CD "With Friends" is now available along with "The Organ Grinder". To purchase either/both go to my CD page or to register your purchase, go to my Contact page. Read reviews here.

Mixed amid the lines of the Gurdy Girl's own compositions are hints of my musical up-bringing. Elements of Gregorian chant, Hildegard von Bingen and even Pink Floyd.

My name is Jane Ruckert. Welcome to my website where you will find information about me and my instruments as well as samples of my music.

Inspired by nature and my surroundings, I convey my emotions through my music.

While I am mainly a solo performer I also work as part of a number of duets and am a regular at various sessions around Adelaide, South Australia.

I have become known for my use of non-mainstream instruments and my performances aim to be not only enjoyable and stimulating but educational as well.

My first instrument is hurdy-gurdy closely followed by two scandanavian folk instruments, nyckelharpa and hardanger fiddle, and voice.

You can find me on the web Gurdy Girl on Myspacehere, and Gurdy Girl on MusicSAhere, and Gurdy Girl on ReverbNationhere.

I am a proud member of Australian Folk Alliance and APRAAMCOS and the South Australian Folk Federation.

Hurdy Gurdy Alto Hurdy Gurdy Nyckelharpa Hammered Dulcimer Hardanger Fiddle